Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EPIC room makeover GIVEAWAY


So we moved into this charming fixer-upper TWO years ago with ZERO budget for a kitchen remodel. Fast forward two years and we've still got ZERO budget for a kitchen remodel. But we make the best of whats around, a little paint here & there. I've painted the cabinets, spray painted the countertops, painted a chalkboard on the bulkhead... but it's still MISSING the MARK on STYLE. It's one of the only places left in our house that just isn't ME. But I'm working with an already VINTAGE kitchen - not a brand spanking new one - so thats gotta earn me a couple points, eh?

Don't get me wrong, its got good bones - a lot of "POTENTIAL" if you will. It serves as our main entrance to the house (we're backdoor kind of people), we've got a ton of cabinets (which can be totally repainted, doors left on or off, open shelving on top, you know - whateva), a lot of counter space (again, completely open to changes there), two closet pantries that need a paint job, a fireplace (what!?!), an eat-in kitchen area (with a sad, sorry table that needs some love) and a sweet exposed brick wall that currently lacks any good decor. And it leads out to a small patio, which looks out on our 3/4 acre backyard.


We live on a busy road. Needless to say, we don't spend much time out front. Thankfully we have a big backyard for the kids to run around in. We have a small patio off of our kitchen that we spend a great deal of time on, watching the kids. We often have friends over and use our patio for entertaining / eating dinner. It works out well since its connected to the kitchen, but it needs a swift kick in the pants style-wise. Paint? Outdoor rug? Some new upclycled furniture? Yes Please!!

So what makes my space UNIQUE?

The exposed brick wall. All sixteen feet of it needing at the very least some new pretties hanging from it.

A working fireplace (in the kitchen!) This little feature pretty much sold me on the house when we were looking. The house has some whimsy in other places too, but how charming is a fireplace in your kitchen? This could TOTALLY be done well, but for now it's just Blah. I'm up for changing as little or as much of this feature as you'd like.

The pass-thru window. This would be the window to the right of the back door there. I would LOVE to integrate the back patio and the kitchen. I'm seeing a vintage sign hanging outside this window to use as a tray or pass-thru for summer get-togethers. whaddayathink?

A second sitting area to decorate - the back patio. We have people over a lot in the spring/summer/fall and we use our back patio LOTS. How great would it be to incorporate the design elements of the kitchen out onto our patio?!

So what PIECES TO REUSE & where to SHOP?

Cubby for Shoes. I said before that this is our most used entrance so we drop our stuff here. We found this in our garage loft. Come to think of it, we find a ton of good junk out there. And we can shop for free up there. I'd like to keep this shoe cubby. It's old, shabby, and holds our shoes well.

Kitchen Table. I'm NOT particularly attached to this - go ahead & paint it, refinish it or just scrap it and start over.

In addition to Goodwill and Salvy, I'm thinking we need to make a trip to Pittsburgh's Construction Junction and the Habitat Restore.
Well, thats all I got!

And Mandi, i LOVE YOUR GUTS!