Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homemade Applesauce Canned

I bought two buschels of Cortland apples last weekend. Cortland apples make great applesauce. We have also made it with Monroe apples... not as tasty. Anyway, Hubby helps me with this task every year, but this year we found ourselves overcommitted with activities. So last Thursday night we started at 9:30pm (after Hubby got home from teaching a night class). We finished up at 1:30am and promptly went to bed!

We started by quartering the apples and placing them in stock pots with just a slight bit of water to boil down. No peeling, no coring, easy peasy... Only a slight bit of water to keep from burning to the bottom. But not too much or you'll end up with runny applesauce!

Perhaps the thing that makes this seemingly large task so super easy is this little machine. It's a food strainer by Villaware. I found it on Amazon about 3 years ago. This is the reason you don't need to peel or core anything. The boiled apples get dumped into the funnel on the top. Then we crank the apples through the strainer and the waste comes out one shoot, the sauce comes out the other shoot. Easy peasy...
This is Hubby's hand pouring the applesauce into the quart size jars. We just reuse the funnel from the strainer to make pouring less messy. I'd be interested in any other tips though, because this part is still messy. And apparently you need a bag of paperclips on the table as well to do this... hmm, not sure why those are there. The cup of coffee, however, is necessary if you're starting this at 9:30pm.

Then I skipped a few steps in photos, but you have to prepare the lids by soaking them in hot water. And the jars should be wiped down to make sure there isn't spilled applesauce all over them. I put them in the canner when it's hot, but not quite boiling. And when it comes to a boil, you boil for 15minutes. And thats it! See, easy peasy...

Canned yummy homemade applesauce. Two buschels made 27 quarts. My sister in law, who has 7 kiddos, does 80 quarts each year.
I'm linking up to DIY Day at Kimba's with this fairly easy peasy DIY project.


  1. Oh this applesauce looks so yummy and I am loving that machine you talked about. Looks like it makes the whole process a lot less daunting.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you'll drop in again :) I am so impressed with the homemade applesauce - YUM! Sounds like a lot of work to me, but you make it look easy!


  3. Yummy! I canned a bunch of applesauce this year (I've been doing it for several years now). I've gotta say I love my strainer/applesauce maker (mine is similar to yours). I've learned to can pints instead of quarts because we don't eat the applesauce fast enough.