Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a bathroom renovation ... DIY style

Our first floor bathroom when we moved in ................ Something needed to be done!

Hubby took out the shower doors and some of the tile came out with them.. to reveal some other tile and wall in disrepair. Therefore, all the tile had to come out.

So Hubby removed all the tile and rebuilt some of the wall. Then he prepared the wall for tile.

And ......

Hubby learned to install wall tile!

The thing that the BEFORE picture is lacking is a view of the NASTY green carpet that adorned this space. That came out, thank goodness! And Hubby also learned how to put down floor tile!

These are some of the AFTER's. I had to use wallpaper on the walls because the removal of the old wallpaper on our PLASTER walls was not going so hot. Our walls were in rough shape.

I used Beadboard wallpaper from Home Depot, as seen at Rhoda's here. And I used paintable wallpaper that looks like brush strokes from Lowe's above the chair rail. Is it still called chair rail if it's installed at 64"? Its not high enough to be picture rail.... hmm..

A close up of the brush stroke paper painted and the beadboard wallpaper. And honestly, I think it turned out really well. I did NOT want to use wallpaper, but I am surprisingly impressed with how well it turned out. I took a picture of a seam on purpose... can you see it?

I'd let you in on the paint color, but I can't. I confess. I shop the "OOPS" paint sometimes at Lowes or HD. And this I found a full gallon of Valspar satin in a brown color. The color was not labeled. I mixed it myself with some white satin I had on hand.

Total Expenditures:

LABOR......................$0 (I LOVE my handy teacher hubby with summers off!)

Drum Roll Please....

$1,122 to bring this little 1960's bathroom into the 21st century and fix a lot of the major issues it had going on...

Edited to Add: I'm linking up with Transformation Thursday at Gina's.

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  1. Wow!!!!! What an inspiration. I love the wallpaper, and the shower/tub tile. It looks so good.

    I never thought of shopping the oops paint and mixing with white. This is bad. I have a painting addiction. I have like 5 paint projects going right now.

    By the way thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Wow, what a makeover and a lot of work! I love the tile, the bedboard, and that shower curtain is gorgeous! It looks so elegant now, nice job!

  3. Your bathroom looks amazing. That is fabulous makeover. Great job tackling it yourself too. Always nice to save on labor. :-)

  4. That looks terrific. What an amazing job you guys did,, and with so little expense. I'm impressed. I can't believe that's not real beadboard, that wallpaper is really incredible. Bet you love going in that bathroom now. Thanks for sharing the transformation!
    I posted my bathroom on Monday, you might enjoy taking a look. I hope you'll come by for a visit sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  5. Your bathroom really is a new creation and it looks great!

  6. Gorgeous! Great DIY work! Where'd you get that shower curtain, love the modern look to it?

  7. Fabulous makeover and you're so blessed to have such a great handyman! :-) Transformations always seem so much better when you're able to do them yourself rather than hiring someone. Great job!

    pk @ Room Remix

  8. holy crap! that is the same room!? awesome job :) i couldn't get my husband to tile, not even if i paid him a million dollars. :) you are indeed a lucky gal.

  9. Wow, this is particularly impressive considering it was all done for just over $1k. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. love love loving the shower curtain!

  11. thank you for the sweet sweet comments.. sometimes I think - how much easier would it be if we could just afford to hire out the work...

    The shower curtain and hooks are from Target. I bought it this summer. I want to say it was about $24. If I'm remembering correctly.

  12. Wow it looks great. I love the "less than perfect home" part- too funny! My husband and I just purchased a 1949 home that we are also trying to fix up! Best of luck!


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