Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Around the House

We are living in a house that has the potential to be my dream home. It does have charm. It does have character. We've done a lot to highlight the charm and the character that it has, deep down. Deep deep down. And I'd like to document this journey of finding hidden potential in the not so obvious places.

So I was looking for some architectural black & white photos to put in big frames in our hallway. I was scouring the internet for prints I could purchase. Hubby, who is cheap always up for saving a buck and doing things himself, decided that we could take decent b&w photos ourselves.

He insisted that there were enough old architectural things to take photos of around our house and that hanging a photo of someone else's front door was not nearly as cheap cool as a photo of our own. It has a story. It's ours. And I had to admit, though not to him, that I agreed. Nonetheless, I doubted our little camera's abilities and our artistic vision, but they came out quite nicely. And they now adorn the once blank hallway wall. More on that later .....

I'm participating in my very first DIY Day over at Kimba's!


  1. I love black and white art!! My husband and I have our travel pictures done in sepia! It makes you look at the detail more, and its YOURS and special to your family!! Nice Job!!

  2. Love the old light fixtures! There is nothing quite like the character of an older home. Thanks for sharing. Becki